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Aajaa is the latest vehicle-sharing mobile app that allows car owners to offer lifts to someone along the way to the destination. When you drive your own car or use a chauffeur service, driving alone results in more cost per ride. If you don’t mind sharing your ride with one or two people, who also want to go in the same direction as you, Aajaa makes it possible for you. Passengers can also reduce their traveling costs by 50%, by choosing to get in a car that is already on the way to their destination.

The fast-paced world of today demands you to reach your destination on time. People spend a lot of money for commute because arriving at the destination at the exact time is more important than ever. Despite the increase in the number of vehicles on the road, people are finding it difficult to find cabs when they really need those. Unfortunately, the increased road traffic results in delays, which is not in favour of the passengers. The existing cab services have drivers, who are looking to take passengers for a huge sum of money. The revolutionary mobile app called Aajaa, allows car owners to share their ride with someone else and save money on the go. Both the driver and the passenger can decide whether they want to share the ride with each other. Other cab services don’t offer you this flexibility and you simply have to get into a car that arrives to pick you up.

As a car owner, you can activate the app and set the destination, when you start driving the car. The app will show you riders who want a lift on the same route as you are driving. You can pick them up on the way and drop them at their drop points, before reaching your destination point. There is absolutely no need to take detours because the app only matches you with riders, who want to travel on the same route as yours’. Once you drop off the passenger you picked up, you will get paid directly. You can choose whether you want to share the ride with another passenger. Sometimes, you may feel like driving alone and all you need to do is not activate the app, when you start driving your car.

Riders who need a lift in a car to reach some destination will be matched with cars that are going in that route. You can offer the price you are willing to pay and the driver may accept it. If the driver quotes a different price for the ride, you can accept or reject the offer at your own will. Since you are sharing the ride with someone, who is already on their way to the same destination point, you only have to pay a small amount of money for sharing the ride.

Aajaa is a completely safe and transparent car-sharing app that benefits both the car drivers and passengers. It also helps to reduce your carbon print, as it mimics the public transport system in a customized and sophisticated way.